acts – a strong company

that will back you

Since its foundation in 1998, acts has been supporting companies in Switzerland and around the world, as well as sustainable projects that benefit all parties involved and have the highest possible degree of neutral ecological balance.

This is the network we count on:
◦ Specialists from the ICT industry worldwide
◦ Contacts from the retail industry across Europe
◦ SMEs and corporations in Switzerland

What makes acts stand out?
We support you from A to Z. This isn't just lip service – it's our recipe for success. We give you feasible solutions, and we support you both during and after implementation. We will also fine-tune these measures if necessary. Because our ideas prove themselves in practice.

Vision and values
acts is committed to ensuring that companies are healthy and independent and that they maximize profits through long-term growth. Everything acts does must be for the benefit of humans, animals and nature, without exception.

Our working method

acts is efficient and

  • strategically,
  • tactically and
  • operationally adapted to your individual situation
  • structured
  • honest
  • flexible
  • reliable
  • solution-oriented